Digital Printing Laminating

Digital Printing Laminating

Digital Printing Laminating – digital prints on vinyl and laminating to protect it from the sun and any chemicals outside. It will last for abut 5-10 years outside on weather. All our digital printed signs are laminated just to protect them from scratches and the weather. 

A digital printed sign can last a lot longer and maintain it’s colors if you laminate them. The proper way to maintain a sign is with laminating. If some other company creates and manufactures a sign for you and don’t laminate it; then you are not receiving a good 100% product. Always ask your sign shop company to laminate them and invest on any extra costs. This will keep your sign protected from all outside harsh weather.

Signs R Us

We are located @ Spotsylvania VA 22408 and can manufacture your new digital sign. You choose the substrate and can send us your artwork or we can create it for you. We will need a vector clean file format of your new sign design. FREE sign design when you purchase your sign from us! If for some reason you just need the vector design file; we can also design it for you. 

Sign Substrates

Substrates that signs are made of:

Aluminum signs, Lexan signs, Sintra, Coro Plast, Magnetics, Acrylic Plexi, Wall Vinyl, Floor Vinyl signs, MDO Signs, Sand Blasted routed signs, Flags, Banners, T-Shirts, Truck and Van, Vehicle signs, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Calendars, Plastic Signs, Metal, PVC Signs, Poster signs and a whole lot more…

Just remember that Digital Printing Laminating is one the best type of signs you could ever own, advertise your business outside today. I want to also recommend this great cloud web hosting site. Here you are able to create your nice professional website at the lowest costs. You will need to advertise online and offline. Double your marketing and advertising power!

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