Website Development

Website Design

Website Development – how can I do and create a website online these days? what are the options I have in building a site? How can I make money online? what can I offer online so customers can purchase and buy from me? how can I be successful online?

Well yes we all have these questions but don’t see or have the answers. But the internet can help us read and learn on how we can better ourselves. By reading online you can find a idea on how you can become successful with your own business online and offline. Why would you need a website? why create it for your self or company?

A easy and fast¬†Website Development now a days is with a word press platform, yes I recommend Word Press, is very easy to learn and you don’t need a website software. You can manipulate it online via google chrome and internet explorer. I like google chrome the best, this is what I use for all my web browsing. You will need a web hosting account and register a URL domain name. Yes, do this first then contact me to build your nice website. You can register for a new domain and web hosting account here.

Yes get a great deal online on how to save money in registering a domain name and a hosting account. Also if you for some reason don’t find a good cheap hosting account please contact me and for $50 a year I can offer you hosting for your website. You will need to register a domain online though, then I connect both together and we have a live website.

You can sell your products online via your website with a seller store, I create a seller store for free if I get to build your website. Website Development services from us to you. Let us build your dream site. You can sell online with a online shopping cart and e-commerce website all hooked up. Just let me have your merchant info and I connect it to your shopping cart and start accepting credit cards on your site.

You ship your goods and boom you making money online. You can also sell other people’s product like an affiliate links. Every time you sell their products you get a commission based and you also get paid. You can advertise their product’s and charge. You will need lots of web traffic for this or know many different people who are looking for this product and send them to your pages to buy. This is a good way to make an extra income.

If you need a professional website, SEO on how to get traffic online or any advertising and marketing help please let us know and we will help you. We will help you make money and be successful. Contact us today.